Sharon (16), Edwin (15), Trace (9) and Daisy (8) are the beautiful children of Aggrey and Alice Ambani. Aggrey worked as a truck driver to support his family. Unfortunately, he passed away in a fatal car accident in 2010.

Alice, who had never worked, had to step in as a sole provider for her four children. It was not an easy road for Alice, and she had to take whatever work available to make ends meet. In an unexpected turn, Alice fell ill in January 2015 and was admitted in a hospital in Eldoret, Kenya.

After two months, the hospital decided to discharge Alice and send her home. Her hospital bill was too high and she was not able to pay for it. Alice spent two months at home, and she grew weaker by day. Unable to care for her children, Alice was forced to send her four children to live with their aged grandparents, about 70 miles away from her. In June 2015, Alice passed away.

The children were separated, and taken to live with different relatives. They had to work to make a living while still dealing with the trauma of their mother’s death. The three girls worked as servants, and Edwin helped his uncle as a street vendor selling clothes.

“My uncle often screamed at me because I was not good at selling clothes. Sometimes I went to bed hungry, he told me we did not make enough money,” recalls Edwin. Edwin could not take his uncles abuse any more, he decided to run away. He started living on the streets.

In 2016, Youthful Faces (YF) learned about the plight of these four children and reached out to them. YF reunited the siblings and brought them to live with their grandparents. They are very happy now that they are together again. We provide them with nutritious food, education, medicine and clothing. The children are delighted to be back to school. Daisy started first grade, Trace is in second grade, Edwin is in ninth grade, and Sharon is in tenth grade.