Mission - Vision - Value

Youthful Faces is committed to tackling the challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable children. Our programs address the obstacles that stand between them and better futures including:

  • Nutritional support for orphaned and vulnerable.

  • Access to quality healthcare and medicine.

  • Education to enhance intellectual development and future opportunities.

Our Values :

Respect : We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Service : Be of benefit to our children, our volunteers, and our stakeholders.

Ethics : We strive to meet the highest ethical standards.

Integrity : Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.

Every child gets the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and to becomes a better citizen of the world.


How We Help

Hunger and malnutrition affect a vast majority of the people in the planet and many die every day from these preventable causes. It is time not to just speak out against children hunger but to do something about it. At YF we have witnessed first-hand the horrors of poverty and hunger and we feel compelled to help out the ones in need and to spread the message of giving so that one day we will see hunger as a thing of the past.

Learning is living. Learning is the modification of behavior. Thus education is important because it trains the human mind, opens us to new ways of thinking, new ideas, and helps us find solutions to many of the world’s problems. At YF we believe by providing our children with an education, we are helping built a better society. We believe we are helping our children become better citizens of the world.

Poor children suffer worse health and end up dying before their potential is recognized. The developing countries have higher than average child and maternal mortality, higher levels of disease, and more limited access to healthcare and social protection. YF works very hard to make sure that the children we support have access to medical services. We believe that a healthy child is a productive child and a productive child is what a society needs to better itself.

Home is where the heart is and where children should look forward to returning. Unfortunately, for too many of the children we serve, substandard housing has a negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing. Every child deserves a healthy home—a place where they feel safe, secure, and happy.

Come Jenga (“build”) with us—either as a hands-on volunteer in Kenya, a fundraising ambassador, or through a donation. Brick by brick, year by year, we are dedicated to creating new homes, built on a solid foundation of love.

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Our Children Our Future

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Why We Need You

Youthful Faces Jenga dedicated to building and furnishing homes for vulnerable, orphaned children served by our education programs in Kenya. At Youthful Faces, we believe that a childhood ‑ filled with love, hope and dreams starts at home. Home is where children are inspired by their parents, relatives, and communities to become doctors and teachers.

Interview Youthful Faces children and close relatives to obtain social history. Work in collaboration with volunteers to monitor, track and coordinate services for children. Maintain a working knowledge of community resources and current trends in social services etc.


Manage creation and posting of content for all media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Focus is on developing marketing strategies. Participate as volunteers for JENGA (fundraise for JENGA and/or travel to Kenya for a JENGA project)


Participate in Youthful Faces EACH ONE TEACH ONE fundraiser program. Fundraise supplies for individual children. Fundraise for schools and donations to pay for a child’s education and school uniform. Research, write, and edit organizational documents etc.



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    Every gift you give, makes the biggest difference in providing for a better tomorrow. Your donation gives them hope and makes the children realize; in this World they are not alone.